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Fall 2022
Dr. Cara Judea Alhadeff will investigate the Jewish commitment to a personal and collective cultural, economic, and agricultural pause (release or letting go). In response to the rapidly escalating climate crisis, Alhadeff’s interactive presentation shares the values of Shmita and Shabbat as alternatives to unlimited economic growth, progress, and development paradigms.

This lecture will serve as an invitation to the upcoming five-part series on Jewish philosophies, Sephardic histories, and cross-cultural environmental justice.

All chapter references come from Zazu Dreams: Between the Scarab and the Dung Beetle, A Cautionary Fable for the Anthropocene Era

Chapter One: Beyond the Anthropocene
May 15, 2-3pm EST
Theme: Introduction to Sephardic and Mizrahi histories

Chapter Two: Pirates of the Caribbean
May 22, 2-3pm EST
Theme: Refugees and the Diaspora

Chapter Three: The Oldest Jews on the Planet
May 29, 2-3pm EST
Theme: The intersection between Bal Tashchit and Tikkun Olam

Chapter Five: “It takes a village…”
June 5, 2-3pm EST
Theme: Co-operation and Biophilia (love of life)

Chapter Six: Mashallah!
June 12, 2-3pm EST
Theme: Jewish philosophies and S.O.U.L. (Shared, Opportunity, Used, Local)
(the intersection between cultural diversity and biodiversity)