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9-11am at the Denver Convention Center

Theme: Querying Eco-Aesthetics
Monday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Convention Center-304 (Street Level)

Especially for those who are invested in contemporary issues pertaining to ecology, environmentalism, wildlife preservation, words such as dystopian, apocalyptic, existentially challenged, unsustainable come to mind at the close of the year 2022. We who dwell amid and belong to a global community that must confront climate change, ecological crises, unsustainable consumption, destruction of oceans, habitat devastation, wilderness, and wildlife preservation and more. This panel seeks to stock take “Eco-Aesthetics,” what it is, how it is informed, practiced, and expressed. Straddling eco-criticism, eco-feminism, and eco-justice concerns, the panel brings into mutual conversation the terms ecology and aesthetics—two terms that are not often brought into conversation with each other, at least in the context of the AAR.