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Religious Studies Review Volume 49, Issue 4: Surrealism ↔ The Sacred: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Manifesto of Surrealism

By Chapters in Anthologies

December 2023 Thirteen Surrealist Provocations: Embodied Sacred Activism (We Shall Overcome) The thirteen surrealist provocations explored in this essay guide citizen activists to embody the sacred in their everyday lives. Each provocation (strategy, principle, and technique) targets a hegemonic force…

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At Paris Institute for Critical Thinking: Unveiling Progress as Parasite, We Must Replace “Renewable” Energies with Ecological Ethics

By Environmental Justice, Love Bus, Publications (2020-Present)

Unveiling Progress as Parasite:  We Must Replace “Renewable” Energies with Ecological Ethics • From The Paris Institute for Critical Thinking dePICTions volume 3 (2023): Critical Ecologies. Summary: My essay examines the insidious manifestations of greenwashing and environmental racism in the context of humanitarian imperialism—the…

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Ecological Justice Border Crossings, Part 6, Cultural Biomimicry

By Blog, Environmental Justice, Solidarity & Sustainability Essays

Cultural Biomimicry: An Evolutionary Guide to the Ecozoic through Epigenetics   In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson shares: “There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature.” These cycles are not about eventually doing more through increased efficiency, but about equilibrium and relationship. This sense…

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