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Religious Studies Review Volume 49, Issue 4: Surrealism ↔ The Sacred: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Manifesto of Surrealism

By Chapters in Anthologies

December 2023 Thirteen Surrealist Provocations: Embodied Sacred Activism (We Shall Overcome) The thirteen surrealist provocations explored in this essay guide citizen activists to embody the sacred in their everyday lives. Each provocation (strategy, principle, and technique) targets a hegemonic force…

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Equality: Industrial Capitalism’s Trojan Horse—Environmental Racism, Green Colonialism, and The Renewable Energies Revolution

By Chapters in Anthologies, Environmental Justice, Publications (2020-Present), Viscous Expectations

Published in: Philosophy as Practice in the Ecological Emergency: An Exploration of Urgent Matters, Ed. Lucy Weir, Palgrave Macmiilan, 2023 Summary: “I think the big crisis of our times is that our minds have been manipulated to give power to…

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Disarticulated Membranes: Pregnancy, Excess, and Radical Resistance

By Chapters in Anthologies, Environmental Justice, Love Bus, Petroleum Parenting, Publications (2020-Present), Viscous Expectations

  Published in: Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, issue 41.3, The University of Nebraska Press, 2021 Summary: My color photography is a theater of psychological and physical transformations that reveal a luminescent excess. This excess combines both the civilized…

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