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Published in:
Mother Pelican: The Journal of Solidarity and Sustainability, 2022


“Electricity is an element that is more intimate to us than the air we breathe.”—Abbé Nollet, 1746

“The relative divergence of my bodily senses….indicates that this body is a form destined to the world; it ensures that my body is a sort of open circuit that completes itself only in things, in others, in the encompassing earth.”—David Abrams

Technostress. EMFs. Increased blood pressure and cortisol levels. Decreased immune system function.[1] With each and every swipe; 2,617 to 5,427 swipes per day for the average smart-phone user.[2] We have little idea how high the stakes really are in our Anthropogenic era. Echoing Ivan Pavlov’s Performing Dogs in the late 19th century, contemporary digital technology has “re-programmed” modern industrial humans through conditioned reflex. Digital technologies are more addictive than cigarettes.[3] These digital drugs are narcotics more powerful than morphine and cocaine; and, induce similar neurological effects….