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December 2023

Thirteen Surrealist Provocations:
Embodied Sacred Activism (We Shall Overcome)

The thirteen surrealist provocations explored in this essay guide citizen activists to embody the sacred in their everyday lives. Each provocation (strategy, principle, and technique) targets a hegemonic force that individually and collectively we can overcome.
Wonder (overcome cultural somnambulism)
Interconnectedness (overcome epidemic of individualism/ illusion of separation)
Hospitality (overcome entitlement/ownership)
Ambiguity (overcome tyranny of certainty)
Moral Imagination (overcome habituated obedience/ complicity)
Diversity (overcome xenophobia and ethnocentrism)
Nonlinearity (overcome progress-at-all-costs)
Improvisation (overcome predetermined rules)
Intuition (overcome commodifying hegemonies)
Collaboration (overcome centralized hierarchy)
Deep inquiry (overcome hubris)
Interstitiality (overcome binaries)
Unfamiliarity (overcome knowledge as acquisition)
Keywords: Surrealism, Sacred, Photography, Hospitality, Diversity, Improvisation, Interstitiality, Environmental Activism, Decolonization